The Gaming Fix is a collaborative blog where you can get your daily dose of gaming news and reviews. We are absolutely unbiased and attempt to distribute equal attention to all platforms and companies. Join Dan, Efase and Stones as we all try our best at bringing you up to date in the world of gaming. We have committed ourselves to producing weekly content; whether it’s game reviews, opinion articles or simply news. We will also have debates in which the three of us will argue with each other about varying topics… should be fun.

The Authors:

Efase: Covers everything Nintendo, be it the 3DS or the Wii U. He’s been a long-time Nintendo fan, and his favorite Nintendo franchises are The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, and Star Fox. He also plays PC games and has an Xbox, but he doesn’t really dig those as much. When he’s not busy playing on a Nintendo console, he enjoys playing RPG’s such as Fallout or Mass Effect.

Dan: He’s also a huge Nintendo fan, but in recent years has found himself playing more and more consoles. Traitor. He will be your guide to everything Xbox.

Stones: Also known as the Sony fanboy, Stones keeps himself busy on their consoles but every now and then takes a break and enjoys some games on his 3DS.


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