Marth Returns To The Fight!


A month after Smash Bros’ last character reveal, Marth from Fire Emblem has been confirmed as the eighteenth character to join the fighting game roster.

It was highly expected that a Fire Emblem character would appear in this iteration of Smash Bros, due to Fire Emblem: Awakening’s enormous success. It still remains to be seen if Marth will be the only character from the series to enter the fight, or if characters such as Ike or Chrom will join as well. 


New Kirby Game Announced For Nintendo 3DS

A brand new Kirby game was announced today at Nintendo Direct, but not much detail was given. It looks like a classic Kirby game with side scrolling action, but with a few effects which will surely play out with the 3D effect of the Nintendo handheld. The game was announced without a title, but Iwata promised more details soon.

Toon Link Sails Into The Fight


Following the digital release of Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Toon Link has been announced as the sixteenth character to join the brawl. His design looks really good, as the HD complements his unique art style. So far it is unknown if he will still be a clone character, or if he will receive his own moveset to differentiate him from Link, but the screenshots released along with his annoucncement do show some similar moves.