Legend of Zelda and More For Club Nintendo Members


October’s Club Nintendo rewards are out, and one of them, the 1986 classic The Legend of Zelda, is a great bargain for members who might have not played the game before. It is available for the 3DS for a price of 150 coins. The second 3DS game is Touch Solitaire, available for 100 coins. The Wii is also bringing a couple of good games, the first being Super Mario Kart (150 coins) and the second ThruSpace.


Club Nintendo 2013 Elite Rewards Now Available

This year’s rewards are out. Platinum Status members can choose between a three poster set and a Majora’s Mask Soundtrack. Gold (as well as Platinum) members can get either a Calendar, or the following games: Super Smash Bros., Wario Ware: DIY Showcase, Link’s Awakening, Super Mario Land or Sakura Samurai.

The posters are the following:


Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD


Retro Luigi


Pikmin 3

Choose your gift wisely!